About Amrit

Amrit Hallan

Hello. I am Amrit Hallan, an experienced content writer and a content marketing consultant. I have helped businesses all over the world put across their messages succinctly, clearly and convincingly, since 2004. Prior to that I was designing and developing websites. Prior to that I was building database applications. Prior to that, I was was just goofing around with various technologies and programming languages.

Deep down I am a writer and I believe words have great power. This is the reason why there is a crackdown on writers in dictatorial and repressive regimes. The same philosophy I apply to my content writing and copywriting services. I know that my writing can move people.

Why work with me?

There is no particular reason actually, because I know there are 100s of writers out there doing exceptional work. So the straight answer would be just to do another Google search, find other websites and work with one of those exceptional writers. Seriously, I really mean that.

Having said that, there are some qualities that give me enough confidence to manage this website and get work from it, and these qualities I would like to list on this page.

  • Your customers and clients are my main focus: When I write for you I write purely for your customers and clients. My constant thought is how are they going to perceive the text on your website? What impact my writing is going to make on them? Will I be able to convince them into doing business with you? If yes, then how? What can keep them hooked to your website or blog? When I’m writing for you, I’m not trying to impress you, but I’m trying to impress your prospective customers and clients. They are my real target.
  • More than features I highlight benefits: As soon as people come to your website they should be able to know how well you are going to serve them. They come to your website because they have a need and as soon as they come they should feel you are going to meet their need. In order to achieve that you need to communicate to them the benefits of doing business with you. Most of the products and services these days more or less have same features, still particular businesses do more business. Why?
  • I understand search engines and social media: Your website and blog primarily get organic traffic from search engines and social media and I understand what sort of content drives these channels. I can seamlessly create search engine optimized content without keyword stuffing. I firmly believe that it’s the quality and relevancy of your content that’s more important and not what keywords you focus on (although they are important).
  • I write comfortably: This definitely doesn’t mean I practice laxity by writing content for you, but my language is quite relaxed and conversational. Your content and copy should talk to your visitors rather than at them. Drab and uninteresting writing is never effective no matter how flawless it is.
  • I constantly upgrade my skill and knowledge: Just because I write well it doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to what is going on around me. My business is Internet-based so whatever developments are taking place on the web directly or indirectly affect my business, and also yours. Whether it is the constant upgrades happening at Google (that have an impact on your search engine rankings), or new social networking platforms emerging or new ways of creating and promoting content, I constantly try to be in the know.
  • I believe in establishing partnerships: I know that when you hire me you put your trust in me because my writing is going to affect your business. This is a big responsibility. Responsibilities always bring people closer. Every new project is a partnership for me. I am not just creating content for you, I’m trying to help you do your business in a better manner. My business model has never worked on the “shoot and scoot” philosophy. Once we have worked together, I am always there. I will always share my knowledge with you, whether it is content related or something I happen to know.

My other interests

I love reading, especially the classics. Dostoevsky remains my favourite writer. Recently I did some binge reading of Haruki Murakami writings before realising he was basically hovering around the same theme. For a long time I was smitten by magical realism but then realised real-world scenarios are more complex than Surrealism. Since my college days my reading mostly constituted of fiction but these days I’m heavily into non-fiction, historical and knowledge-based works (Nicholas Carr, Malcolm Gladwell, etc.)

I have scaled down my time on Twitter these days, otherwise I was spending lots of time interacting with people.

I have strong political opinions. Naturally this has earned me strong supporters and even stronger opponents. I have lost a couple of projects when I refused to remove some blog posts from one of my blogs. I don’t believe in “life is business and business is life” — in fact I find people who have no other interests than their business quite uninteresting. Every aspect of this world affects us whether it is politics, environment, journalism, business and industry.