Blog Writer For Hire

Should you work with a blog writer for hire for your business blogging needs? Although I provide blog writing service from my website, I firmly believe that it has to be your own decision. Blogging, especially business blogging with a marketing plan, requires a serious decision that involves time, effort and of course, money. If you grasp the importance of content marketing you know how important publishing a regular blog is for your business.

Why your business may use the services of a blog writer for hire?

People work with me because they’re looking for well-written blog posts that can make an impact. I politely refuse to take up work that simply involves creating keyword-centric content – this is not how I work. Even if you want blog posts for better search engine rankings, they deserve rankings on the merit of the value they deliver rather than how they use keywords and key phrases. Of course search engine rankings are important, but they only benefit you if your content is ranked well for the value it delivers rather than for the way it has been written.

In order to create a successful, meaningful blog, you need to be a passionate, dedicated blogger. You can write blog posts on your own (for instance, my client with whom I’ve been working since 2001, Steve, prefers to write for his own travel insurance blog) in your spare time, or you can hire a blog writer if regular writing isn’t your cup of tea. Whether you want to write for your business blog on your own or you want to hire a blog writer depends on what direction you want to take in this regard.

Here are a few reasons why you may decide to work with a blog writer for hire:

  • You are not comfortable with writing in English and you think an English content writer may be able to do a better job
  • You do need the services of a blog writer but you don’t want to hire a full-time writer
  • You want regularity and consistency that only a professional blog writer can provide you
  • Although you can write, you’d better spend time working on other aspects of your business
  • You don’t want to distract yourself doing things you can pay someone else to do

How to hire a blog writer?

You can hire me for my blog writing services . Please read a few reasons why you should hire me as your content writer. The same attributes apply to hiring a blog writer too.