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In Gmail now you can undo a message you’ve just sent

Ever regretted sending that message?  Sometimes you send a message to a wrong person and sometimes in the heat of the moment you say something that you regret immediately after clicking “send”. There was a time when a message sent via Gmail (or rather any other web based email service) was like a bullet you’ve just fired; just like you cannot stop the bullet you’ve fired, you couldn’t stop the message you had sent.

Well, if the divine realization of “this shouldn’t have been sent” hits you within 5 seconds, in Gmail now you can undo a message that you have just sent. This may save you a lot of heartache (or broken bones for those who prefer to live on the edge) in the long as as well as short term.

If you activate a feature in Gmail, Gmail will hold your e-mail (this sounds like a rhyming poem) for 5 seconds so that you get enough chance to stop it. Just go to Settings and then the Labs tab. Scroll down until you come to this section:





Simply click Enable and save the setting. From now onwards, whenever the message “Your message has been sent” appears, you will also notice an Indo button.


The first post here on business writing and copywriting blog

I was going through this blog post at Copyblogger, written by Writer Dad and I was really touched by the free flow of emotions. I miss that side of mine, the side that could be adventurous with the words. Words have always been my playground. They define me, I mean, writing defines me.

Day before yesterday my wife asked what would have I done had there been no Internet? 100% of my earnings come from the Internet. I would have been a writer, I replied. But aren’t you already writing? she asked. For a while I couldn’t find an answer. One day you’ll be working on your novel, not writing sales pitches and product descriptions, she had said a few days ago. What’s wrong in that? For a while she couldn’t answer. I reminded her of that instance. We both decided that it was time to take my business, my writing business, to the next level.

This new design is the initiation of that next phase; this blog section too. About the design, I make all the designs by myself, and for more than three months I had been trying to come up with a decent layout, and for three months I had been working on a layout. I wasn’t happy with whatever was coming up. Then today when I was writing a small article for this website I wondered whether I should publish it as a page or as a blog post. I wanted to publish it is a blog post but then there was no blog under this website and the article wouldn’t have looked appropriate on the content blog. I decided that I should have a blog on this website too. Before setting up the blog I wanted to complete the new layout.

So this afternoon I started working on a new layout from scratch and finished the entire design in 10 odd hours. The design is complete and implemented, and so is this blog. I’m not sure what I’m going to write on this blog but it will most probably contain my writing thoughts, my experiences while working as an online copywriter, the new things that I’m learning, and whatever I stumble upon while surfing the Internet, on other blogs and websites.

Do let me know how you like the new design (even if you haven’t seen the previous design just let me know how the current design looks). Since there are practically no posts on this blog I have no idea how to organize the links for it. I will work on them once I have written a few more posts.


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