Choosing the right keywords for content marketing

What is content marketing? It is claimed that content drives the Internet. Does it then make content marketing too this powerful? Are right keywords all that essential to successful content marketing? And how can we choose the right keywords for content marketing? So many questions! Come, let us find a few answers.

How different Content Marketing is and the principles of content marketing

As opposed to traditional marketing, content marketing is all about sharing quality information that is relevant and current, with your prospective customers and clients. Whereas the traditional marketing uses interruption techniques, content marketing will gently but firmly hold the consumers’ attention and build brand loyalty. This is done more by educating the customer and letting him/her recognize the advantages of the product/service and go for it with the conviction of right choice. Knowing more about the product/service, trusting and starting to like it will be the way content marketing works.

The idea of creating and sharing content is aimed at rather gentle persuasion, targeting an intelligent and informed audience to let them accept the brand as a thought leader and industry expert. This shared content will grab a potential customer’s attention, make him read it, think about it and decide after learning all about it. Most of the content will aim at solving their problem along with entertaining them and make them feel good all over.

Some of the different forms of content marketing are

  • Custom publishing – Custom media
  • Branded entertainment – Branded content
  • Database marketing
  • Corporate media – Corporate publishing
  • Corporate journalism

What is the importance of keywords in content marketing?

Online information that is concisely and succinctly expressed and worded elegantly and interestingly will be the way content is going to be presented. But how to get the customer know about the content? What will make him/her visit your site? Videos, blogging or PDFs are all great platforms but the most essential will be the right keywords that will drive the traffic towards your content. The keywords should be such that the search engines are able to index and rank your website according to the relevant search terms being used by their users; your website is then rated high in SEO.

Choosing the right keywords for content marketing

Right keywords are those:

  • Words that fit as header tags (HI, H2, H3 etc) to facilitate the search engines to pick them up; especially the H1 tag carries a lot of weight.
  • Words that fit individually as page tags depending on what is on that page.
  • Words that can flow naturally and meaningfully with the content but yet can be repeated for the required density without an obvious put-on effect.
  • Words that can be bolded and italicised where needed fitting with meaningful flowing text.
  • The operative principle is that written text and chosen keywords present a meaningful and naturally flowing text.

Well, it may not be an exaggeration if tomorrow more than 80% of marketing strategy will be via content marketing. Content marketing creates so much credibility and trust with such persuasive authority that there will be no sales resistance left against it.


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