Generating content and being active on social media: striking a balance

Life is getting tougher everyday for an online entrepreneur. There was a time when you could just have a website and do decent business. Then came in search engines and associated search engine optimization wars. Along came maintaining mailing lists and constantly promoting your website links on various forums and websites. Although initially blogging emerged as a leisure activity later on this too turned into a business promotion tool and hence you needed to spend lots of time maintaining and promoting your business blog.

As this was not enough now you have social media. You constantly need to engage your prospective and present customers and clients on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking and social media websites. As an online content writer I primarily focus on the following activities to continue getting work on the Internet:

  • Continuously generate new content on my website and my blog
  • Occasionally interact on other forums
  • Interact on Twitter and Facebook

So how do you strike a balance? Aside from taking care of your professional responsibilities (doing the actual business) you also need to remain active on social media and social networking websites and on top of that you need to constantly generate fresh and valuable content for your website and blog. There are 3 things that can help you

  • Planning
  • Persistence
  • Quality

Regularly plan your content writing and social media activities

Planning gives you a direction. Without a consistent plan you are clueless and end up wasting lots of time trying to figure out exactly what you want to do in order to promote your business. When you have a plan you know what you want to achieve and what all you need to do in order to achieve that. It helps you draw a clear picture of your activities and efforts.

Be persistent and have a schedule

It’s not necessary that you publish a new page or a new blog post every day. Similarly it is not necessary that you update your Twitter and Facebook profiles every hour and reply to every message. Just be persistent. If you have scheduled 2 new pages or blog posts every day then try to stick to this number. If you want to be active on social media and social networking websites for at least 1 hour every day at a particular time be there because your followers might be, unbeknownst to you, expecting updates from you.

Focus on quality rather than quantity

Quantity does matter when it comes to improving your search engine rankings quality always triumphs over quantity. Eventually it is quality that draws visitors to your website or blog and keeps bringing them back to you again and again. Even on social media and social networking websites don’t bother how many postings you publish; just focus on quality interactions and postings.

We end up wasting lots of time on content marketing and social media marketing by focusing on wrong or misplaced messages. Be persistent, do proper planning, and focus on quality and you can juggle multiple balls at the same time and get great results.

  • Woodlands

    Thanks for posting this – I agree it's difficult to keep on top of social media networking, but it is well worth the effort, good advice.

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    Its very informative post.Its true the  the online business is become  tougher everyday. When the comes search engines and associated search engine optimization wars.Its difficult to maintain the stability in the business.

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