How to create persuasive content

As this article rightly points out persuasion is not manipulation. Persuasion means putting your point across in a convincing manner simply because you really want to get something beneficial to your customers and clients. It’s like, you actually feel that a person standing in front of you can really use the smartphone you are trying to sell and then persuade that person to buy it from you not just because your business interest is involved, but because that person is actually getting a very good deal. In order to create persuasive content you yourself have to believe in that.

You can create persuasive content by understanding the needs and problems of your prospective customers and clients and then providing the information accordingly. As a business of course you want to sell and for that you have to highlight what your product or service stands for. But in the real-world scenario, nobody cares what you feel about your product or service. On the other hand, people definitely care about their own preferences, their own needs and their own problems. So if you want to persuade them, be one of them. Don’t just stand on the other side. Look at your product or service from their side and then try to write for your website.


Amrit Hallan