How to get new blogging ideas regularly

Publishing a regular blog is a great way of attracting new visitors to your website, from search engines, other blogs, online forums and social networking websites. But it’s not easy to get new blogging ideas on an ongoing basis. I’ve personally observed that when I ask my clients to send me blog post titles they run out of them after 20-25 blog posts. On the other hand if I find the topics the projects sustain for long durations. For instance there are around 3 blogs that allow me to send my own blog topics (plus content) and I’ve been supplying blogs to them for more than 2 years now.

Considering the overwhelming benefits of publishing a blog, how do you make sure that you always have something to post. Here’s a blog post that discusses 13 ideas to inspire your blog content. Briefly, they are:

  • Using Google alerts
  • Going through blog directories for ideas
  • Subscribing (email updates and RSS feeds) to blogs of your interest
  • Linking to blog posts from other blogs (like this one)
  • Conduct polls (relevant to your blog topic) and discuss the results
  • Write about interesting things in your own life (don’t over-do this, of course)
  • Find interesting topics/debates and share them with your readers
  • Create blog posts out of the sub-topics of other blog posts
  • Ask your community for fresh ideas using your comment section and Twitter and FaceBook accounts
  • Invite other bloggers to write guest blog posts for your blog
  • Scan for ideas in newspapers, magazines, online forums and other websites
  • Write lists…this is a fad on the Internet, like, top 10 free content management systems, for instance
  • Get ideas from the classical literature.

You can read about these topics in detail on the link mentioned above.

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Amrit Hallan