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How to find the best content writer for your business

So you have finally decided to hire a professional content writer who can help you create killer content and implement your content marketing strategy. Mind you, a strategist doesn’t necessarily mean a good writer, and vice versa, I’m just writing this from my point of view as I have experience in both.

Hiring a content writer for your business is going to be one of the most crucial decisions of your business life, and I’m not saying this because I am a content writer myself. Content marketing has the ability to take your business up many notches and drastically bring down your advertising and promotion costs, provided you know what sort of content you need and how it can satisfy your visitors.

You have two choices while trying to find the best content writer for your business: hiring a full-time professional, or outsourcing your work. Both the options are good depending upon your business model. Since I am a freelance content writer and I look for people who want to outsource their writing needs, I am writing this blog post from that perspective. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while trying to find the right writer for your business:

Ability to communicate

There is a reason why not everybody is a professional writer despite knowing how to write. Every educated person can write but still he or she works in a different profession. Writing just doesn’t appeal or he or she is unable to communicate through written word. Communicating through writing is a specialized art. Does your content writer possess that art? Can he or she communicate convincingly?


Your content writer must be dependable. Every serious content marketing strategy hinges upon a steady flow of quality content. Can your content writer provide quality content on a consistent basis, or, as and when you need it? Timeliness and relevance are of high importance. There is no use of writing content whose time has passed by. When you need to reach your content writer, he or she should be there. He or she should be able to deliver on the designated day without you having to pursue him or her all the time.

Ability to research

Verifiable data makes your content authoritative. There is lots of demand for data-packed content that people find hard to obtain. Your content writer should be able to use various data mining tools and methods to find reliable information for you. Also content curation these days is as important as creating original content. Finding timely, relevant and highly useful information from all over the Internet and compiling it into a single article or a blog post can be very valuable.

Having a unique voice

When you have a unique voice you are able to articulate more convincingly. Being successful as a writer is all about style. When you write in a certain manner, people are either going to like it, or dislike it. So look for a writer who has his or her own voice. Having said that, it will be important for him or her to adapt his or her style according to your industry, but whatever is your requirement, a unique writing style must always be there.

These are the core abilities you must find in a content writer for your business. Other attributes like affordability and the ability to write well are a given, of course.


What makes you an outstanding content writer?

So are you an outstanding content writer?

I was just now going through this “Business Insider” article that talks about how you have to be above average, or rather extraordinary in order to survive today’s work environment. Of course we have different definitions of exactly what is extraordinary and outstanding; it depends on your level of expertise and the degree of competition you face around you. But the article makes sense.

Since I provide content writing services, I am thinking in terms of a content writer; what makes you an above-average content writer? To understand this we have to go to the root of exactly what service you have to provide in order to become extraordinary.

Although my primary business is providing content I have no hesitation in admitting that it’s not the most important thing in your Internet marketing kitty, nonetheless it is the most fundamental thing. I mean, if you don’t have content, you have got nothing. It isn’t just content that can help your business. You need to disseminate that content, you need to market it (and hence, content marketing), you need to grab attention, you need to improve your search engine rankings, and you need to maintain a constant buzz on social media and social networking websites.

Of course you should be able to write quite well and create compelling content that converts, but that’s a given. Listed below are a few things you can do in order to become

An outstanding content writer

  • Practice your art, constantly: Like any other art or skill, content writing needs brushing up every day. It is an invisible muscle that begins to grow weak if you don’t use it all the time, and use it in the right manner. Write as much as you can. You should write even if you don’t have work right now. I have seen many aspiring content writers and bloggers shying away from writing unless they have got paying assignments. This atrophies their ability. Write just for the sake of writing and you will sooner or later – provided you promote your services in the right manner – will get paying assignments. But unless you write well, you’re not going to get paying assignments. So practice, practice and practice.
  • Stretch your content writing abilities: You shouldn’t just write about things you are comfortable with. Write on totally alien topics because this is how you have to write when you begin to create content professionally. You are not just going to get what you like. Many times you will get assignments you have never even heard of. You will have to learn many things, and learn them in such a manner that you can write about them clearly. So you might as well start writing on “difficult” topics right now rather than getting into a fix later on.
  • Read constantly: There are very few professional writers who don’t read regularly. Reading isn’t always about entertainment and passing time, it gets you into that mode that creates conducive environment for writing. Reading begets writing. It triggers your muse. You get to learn many new expressions and you also get to learn how various writers express various emotions and expressions in their own ways. You should also read contemporary literature, articles and essays so that your language is not antiquated.
  • Expand your intellectual horizon: Writing doesn’t just mean you can write error-free sentences. Good readers can read between the lines and they can easily make out what’s your intellectual level. Always try to broaden your perspective. A big reason why I constantly get new content writing assignments (I have been providing professional content since 2004) is because I haven’t limited myself to providing just content. When my clients hire me, they get a complete package and in most of the cases, especially when it comes to doing business online, they rarely have to brief me or provide me extra information. When you know stuff, you can write with conviction. It also saves you lots of time and speeds up your writing.
  • Create an active presence for yourself: Unless people know of your existence how are they going to give you work? And since most of the people these days come in contact with other people via social networking websites, you have to be present there, and not just as an inactive account, but a vibrant and active profile. You don’t have to be present on every platform. For example, you can just choose Facebook and Twitter and be regularly visible there. It also reassures your prospective clients that you’re not someone lurking around quietly without any testimonial and reference. When they know that you can be easily found, it’s easier for them to trust you as a reliable content writer.
  • Provide a turnkey content writing solution: Your client shouldn’t have to work with different vendors in order to meet his or her content writing and content marketing requirements. Provide exceptionally well-written content, and if your client also has to market the content and disseminate it, you should be able to help him or her out. Even when your client needs to formulate a long-term content strategy he or she shouldn’t have to seek another content provider? Have enough experience and knowledge to provide strategy and consulting whenever required.

So these are a few work habits and professional traits that can help you become an outstanding content writer. You don’t always have to wear different hats at the same time, it’s all about knowing what you do. This is where you can get an edge. You will notice that most of the content writers simply create a website, somehow manage to create a search engine presence, and after that provide totally uninspiring content writing services. You can survive that way, but you cannot thrive. In order to thrive in the content writing business, provide a package, instead of a service. Provide a solution, instead of a product.


How to know if your content writer is effective for your business

Let’s suppose you have hired a “rock star” content writer for your business website or your blog and you are really excited about your future prospects. You realize content matters and you take your content marketing efforts darn seriously. But you’re either not confident about your written skills, or you cannot persistently generate quality content for your website or your blog. So understandably, after lots of scrutiny you have decided to work with the content writer who sounds really promising and can actually deliver the message you want to deliver.

But how do you know if your content writer is really effective and helping you take your business forward and ultimately improving your bottom line? Frankly, gauging the efforts of a content writer is not as easy and tangible as evaluating your SEO efforts or click-through performances. Content writing is a process and it gradually takes effect and sometimes there aren’t even direct effects. You just know that something good is happening but you cannot really pinpoint what is the cause and since you recently hired a content writer so he or she must be the cause. Could be.

Gauging the effectiveness of your content writer

It is same as evaluating the performance of any other marketing and promotional activity. Before starting working with your content writer study your analytics. Take note of how your particular keywords and key expressions are performing and what is your conversion rate presently. Google Analytics allows you to study individual pages contentwise, hitwise and even conversionwise. Here are a few improvements you should notice if you have an effective and competent content writer working for you:

  • Your search engine traffic increases after a couple of weeks of regular content posting
  • Search engine traffic on important keywords and search expressions increases compared to the period prior to hiring the content writer
  • In case of a blog there is increased engagement: people respond to your blog posts and express themselves
  • Your content begins to go viral on content sharing websites
  • In 3-4 months people begin regularly sharing your content through their social media profiles
  • Your customers and clients are well-informed even before approaching you
  • More people are doing business with you

These are some good benchmarks to know whether your content writer is effective for your business or not. This exercise may become difficult if you are running multiple promotional activities at the same time, but even then you can define parameters to track individual activities.


When do you outsource to a content writer instead of hiring one full-time?

You obviously need high-quality content if you want to base your marketing on the content that you publish on your website and your blog. In fact your entire content writing strategy hinges upon the ability of the content writer (or a team of) that works for you.

Most of the businesses don’t think of hiring a full-time content writer at the time of assembling a team of workers. In more than 90% of cases the need for a professional content writer is perceived at a much later stage when decision-makers realize that the content published on their website or blog is going to be an integral part of their overall web marketing strategy. Mostly it is an afterthought.

But the good thing is most of the businesses are eventually realizing the overwhelming importance of high-quality content. Consequently they are always looking for experienced and well qualified content writers who can not only provide well-written content but can also help them improve their overall search engine rankings.

Anyway, after realizing that you need an experienced content writer do you

Hire a full-time in-house content writer or outsource your work to a freelance content writer for an independent content writing agency?

Despite being an independent content writer I never force my opinion on prospective clients because eventually it is your internal business policy that decides what sort of content writer you are looking for. The purpose of this blog post is not advising you whether you should outsource your content writing work or not, it is about when to outsource your content writing work.

Here are a few case scenarios in which you would outsource your writing job to an independent content writer:

  • You don’t have a big budget: Hiring a full-time content writer can turn out to be a costly affair. Whether that person is writing or not you have to pay him or her a fixed amount by the hour. On the other hand if you outsource your content writing to an independent content writer you simply have to pay for the work that you get done.
  • You don’t have the needed infrastructure: When you hire a full-time content writer he or she is going to need a computer or laptop, a separate workstation and some comfortable space. He or she will be using electricity, office equipment and other resources. Even for a single page of content you will end up spending a lot. This is not a problem with an independent content writer. He or she can work remotely on his or her own computer without putting a strain on your resources.
  • You don’t want to restrain yourself with a particular content writer: Working with an independent content writer doesn’t mean that you cannot get full-time services. After you have tested out multiple content writers you can even hire an independent content writer as a full-time writer. The problem with hiring a full-time content writer at the outset is you might end up with someone you don’t want even after investing lots of money and time.
  • You want to access the global talent pool: No matter where you are located these days you can hire exceptional talent from any part of the world while sitting in your basement. Whether you are in Uzbekistan, Mongolia or USA you don’t have to settle with whatever talent you can locally avail.
  • You are looking for a content writer who can work independently: An independent content writer is used to working on various assignments on his or her own. You don’t need to breathe down his or her neck in order to get what you are looking for. After giving basic instructions (provided you have found yourself a qualified content writer) you can easily depend on your content writer to come up with just the stuff you want for your website or blog.

These are just a few reasons why you would outsource your work to a content writer rather than hiring a full-time content writer. Can you think of more reasons? Please share them in the comments section below.