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Sometimes you don’t get paid for your online copywriting job, big deal!

Once in a while clients don’t pay the remaining amount once I’ve delivered all the content. While trying to find the folder of a repeat client on my PC I came across a few folders belonging to clients who simply vanished after getting their online copywriting job done. The only saving grace is that I rarely start work without taking an advance. As mentioned on this advance for copywriting work link, I charge 100% if the total estimate is less than or equal to $100, 50% if it is between $100 and $200, and 40% if it is more than $200.

So does it make me bitter when clients vanish without paying the remaining 50% or 60%? Of course I feel bad, but no, I don’t become bitter and consider other clients suspiciously. First of all, it rarely happens. Ever since 2004 (when I stopped designing and developing websites and started writing content for websites) I have served more than 300 clients (according to the number of folders I have on my laptop currently) and among these it must be just 15-20 clients who didn’t pay the money they owed. So it is hardly a worrying trend. I wasn’t worried even when I think my 3rd client used the content and never paid the remaining amount.

Second, it gives me a psychological level playing field. Some clients are suspicious: what if I take the advance and never deliver? Most of the clients are overseas and it will be very difficult to chase me (legally or physically) in case they pay the advance and then I vanish or stop responding. Very valid fear and I try to assuage it by encouraging them to go through my website, my various blogs, my social networking profiles and search for my name on Google. I couldn’t have survived by taking advances and not delivering content. About the level playing field thing – if they are still doubtful, I tell them that I too have the same fear. What if I deliver the content and they don’t pay? Just like them, even I cannot chase them, and like me, they don’t even have an extensive profile on the Internet. So I’m at a greater risk.

Why did I start writing this post? It’s because of the writers I work with. Almost all of them are so cautious about getting paid that it begins to sound cheap after a while. They don’t ask what sort of work I’m going to give them and what must be their level of writing skill. They ask, “When are you going to pay, how you are going to pay, are you actually going to pay?” Imagine if I start asking such questions from my clients. Will I get work from them? Fat chance.

The reason they give is that they have had a “bad” experience. Well, when you work on your own you do have bad experiences but it doesn’t mean you carry your frustration out on the person who is trying to give you work. I don’t work with such writers unless they are exceptionally good.


Writing an effective press release

press-release Effective Internet press release copywriting can generate lots of traffic and leads for your business. You can distribute your press release through websites or through e-mail. The formats for press releases for websites and for e-mails will be slightly different. You can have a longer press release on a webpage but when it comes to writing a press release for e-mail it needs to be quite catchy and succinct since these days anything related to promotion and business can easily be taken as spam and hence ignored.

The purpose of a press release

A press release is needed to disseminate information regarding a product, a service, an organization or a policy change. Suppose you have just launched a new product in the market. How do you let people know about your new product? In case your visitors have allowed you to send them e-mail notifications you can use their e-mail addresses to send the news. This can be either termed as a newsletter issue or an e-mail press release. You may also have an e-mail list of various journalists covering your area and you can send the press release to them too.

In case you don’t have a big database of e-mail addresses, or you have very few e-mail addresses, the best thing to do is utilize the services of a press release websites such as PRWeb.com. You can even use the various social networking and social bookmarking websites to distribute your press release but a formal agency that specifically handles this task is better suited for this.

Writing an effective press release

It matters a lot how you write your press release. Press release, as the name suggests is a piece of information that you release the news distribution websites and newspapers so that they can feature it under appropriate sections. Online press releases are distributed for raising awareness as well as improving search engine rankings because incoming links from reputed press release websites draw lots of relevance from search engines. Here are a few things that can help you write an effective press release.

  • Beginning with an introduction. People immediately want to know what you’re talking about; what company is being represented and what product or service is being talked about. In a press release you don’t beat around the bush.
  • Keep your language straight. When you’re writing a press release there is no scope for being “creative” in the sense that you have to straightaway mention what’s the big deal about the company, the website, the service or the product being covered in the press release. Don’t be vague because when people read a press release they are simply looking for factual information they can use. They don’t want to see your vocabulary and they don’t want to experience your literary depth. Say what needs to be said and be done with that, in as simple words as possible.
  • Talk to the target audience. A press release is as targeted as it gets. If it is being published in a technology publication you have to keep in mind that people reading your press release will easily understand the jargons and the expressions used while writing literature on technology and technology related affairs. Even if your present unease is going to be published on a generic press release website than too your press release will be published under the most appropriate category. In fact there is a chance that people will be accessing your press release through the RSS reader if they have subscribed to a particular category feed.
  • Quote an important person. People are reassured if somebody important from the organization about whom the press release is being written is quoted. For instance what does the product development manager have to say about the new features being introduced, and how they are at adhering to the quality standards why lowering their prices?
  • Include proper contact information. Most probably people will be interested in the product or the service (well, that is the purpose of the press release), or at least they would like to know some more. Include your website address, the e-mail and if possible, the contact person’s name and phone number along with the timings.

Please remember that a press release is not a sales copy. Wear the hat of a journalist while preparing the press release. Even a small hint of hard selling or a tone of partiality can put your readers off. Simply report, and include all the relevant information that can help the readers decide on their own.



How Online writing services can increase your website’s conversion rate

Few weeks back I read an interesting article where Amrit, who is an  online writer explained how online seo content writing can prove to be beneficial to website owners and  webmasters. I have been into online writing services since past 3 years, but it’s been few articles that prompted me connote “Wow! I like it. Let me  save the url and bookmark the site.” I experienced two things out of this which I want to share with my readers;

  1. I found an informative article to express my views.
  2. The site found another DAILY reader (which is me) and eventually traffic because I will definitely share Amrit’s work with my readers, SEO Clients, my friends and contacts.

Well I think now you are able to understand how great and unique content can fetch good traffic. You don’t need to use exquisite vocabulary or ‘hard English’. It’s only simple words, explained in a very thoughtful manner. With SEO Copywriting, you should be able to make your potential clients visualize lots of traffic which will increase by time and Amrit’s site is a real good example of this.

How important is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting Analysis is very important for your site. Creating search engine friendly content is one of the priorities to pace for higher rankings. If you want your site to EXIST in this tough internet marketing world, you must go for professional online writing services. It is very important to build search engines friendly website that search engine robots/spiders will crawl and index. SEO Online Copywriter finds out the loopholes in your content and confirms that the content and keywords are evenly poised. SEO Copywriting helps your site to compatible in both ways i.e both from viewers and search engines point of view.

How experienced online writing services can tremendously help improve a site’s conversion rate?

We classify visitors as good or bad visitor. The trick is to drive the right kind of traffic in. Getting the right people on your websites are more important. Here are few points to be kept in mind:

  1. SEO Online writing services is a compulsory for your site(s) because QUALITY matters.  SEO Copywriting provides high-profile quality search engine optimized content that improves the conversion rates of a site. SEO Content provides an edge over the other existing non-optimized sites.
  2. How to build search engines friendly website that search engine robots/spiders will crawl and index it? Well SEO webpage writer shows you how to find the right keywords using keywords research to improve sales and traffic generation. Researching and Selecting Keywords, Keyword Density and Keyword Optimization are vital parts of the entire content. So without a knowledgeable SEO Writer, you will not be able to embed such things in your webpage content.
  3. Links are also indispensable part when we speak about website, traffic, content etc.; SEO Copywriting facilitates to create inbound links to your website and guides on how to link your page both internally and externally to gain higher traffic and greater sales leads.
  4. Experienced online SEO writer develops an understanding of your target audience and about what drives them to buy.  A good SEO Copywriter handles objections of your potential customers may have from their purchasing decisions. regarding your website like best and specific info on choosing best key phrases, creating great keyword rich marketing copy, ideas for best Titles and Meta tags suiting your domain’s content and keywords

An online writing service is essential for your dream project.SEO expert makes in-depth analysis regarding your website. Choosing best key phrases, creating great keyword rich marketing copy, ideas for best Titles and Meta tags suiting your domain’s content and keywords are the core working areas of the SEO Copywriter’s and that’s BANG ON target!

Higher Traffic + Higher Conversion rates = Excellent SEO Copywriting+ Strategic internet marketing+ Quality website design

That’s the key!