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How to help your business stand out with unique content

First of all let me make it clear that “unique content” doesn’t mean that you have to get your content writing topics from another galaxy. In many cases multiple people have already written about the topic you are about to write. It becomes unique when you write on it from your perspective, from your point of view, the way it affects your business. That’s what makes it unique.

Publishing unique content on a regular basis

Publishing content – whether you’re doing it on your website or your business blog – regularly is an integral part of your short-term and long-term content marketing strategy. There shouldn’t be long delays in publishing new content. The problem is not writing and publishing, the problem is coming up with unique content ideas non-stop. How do they do that? How do successful bloggers and publishers come up with totally unique ideas day after day, week after week, month after month, and amazingly, year after year?

Whether it’s difficult or easy, it depends on your level of involvement. My personal experience has been, when I am eagerly seeking out new content writing ideas, I get them, and when I don’t, it becomes very hard to write something interesting and unique.

How unique content helps your business stand out

The usual stuff isn’t much interesting. People don’t share it, people don’t seek it and people don’t talk about it.

But does it mean I cannot write on a topic like “How to create killer headlines for your blog posts?” because every copywriter, content writer and blogger on the World Wide Web has had something to say on it?

Not necessarily.

Even if the topic has been beaten to pulp you can still make it unique by giving it your touch and applying your business philosophy on it.

In India there is a corporate motivational guru called Shiv Khera and one of his famous taglines is, “Leaders don’t do different things, they do things differently”.

Normally I don’t relate to this tagline much because I believe doing different things is as important as just being different, but in this context, it can help you create unique content if you present it differently, and by differently I don’t mean simply changing the vocabulary of the article or the blog post, but giving it a twist that only you can give.

Remember that when you’re creating content you want to make an impact. If you’re writing it for your customers and clients, they need to see the inherent message and grasp it in the right manner.

Let’s come back to “How to create killer headlines for your blog posts?”

Normally you would have a bulleted list on how to create great headlines. Now consider these headlines:

  • Increase your conversion rate by 400% with your headlines
  • Your blog headlines can make or break your online business
  • The money is in the headlines
  • No compelling headlines? Forget doing business

In these three headline options we are basically talking about the same thing – the importance of creating compelling headlines but we’re using different contexts to attract different readers. Some readers would want to know how they can improve their conversion rate, some would like to know how critical they are for the survival of their business, and so on.

You can go on and on. You can talk about the importance of headlines for hospitality business, for a web design business, for a business consulting business, basically everything under the sun.

Add context, write in your own unique style, make it relevant to your readers and you have got yourself unique content that can help your business stand out.