What makes your content actually meaningful?

If you are just publishing content in bulk because you think content marketing is the way to go, you’re missing the point here. Content marketing isn’t about dominating every possible keyword and key phrase of your niche and getting found on search engines and social networking websites. Well, it may get you lots of traffic (there is always scope for misleading web traffic) but it won’t get you lots of business. Meaningful content gets you business.

Yes, it matters to rank well for your important keywords. It also matters that people are able to find you using their preferred search technology, but these should be byproducts. The primary aim of your content should be, providing the information that your prospective customers and clients need to make informed choices. Do the right thing, and the other right things follow, that should be the motto, and that is something that actually works.

So how do you create meaningful content? A more appropriate question would be, what is meaningful content pertaining to your niche?

Your content, in order to be meaningful, must provide some value. Valuable content is something that provides information your prospective customers and clients need in order to understand your product or service better and also to remain constantly in touch with you. Amidst the cacophony the Internet brings into our daily lives both standing out and constantly being in front of your target audience are of great importance.

Quality and quantity both matter. Quantity does not mean that one day you suddenly wake up, hire a few content writers and publish 20 blog posts or articles in one go and then start waiting for great results. Quantity here means regularity. In order to be visible you need to be regular.

When businesses begin to publish content they get mixed up between creating keyword-oriented content and actually creating value for their audience. Keywords are important but they shouldn’t dominate your content marketing strategy. Instead, they should engage their readers by regularly publishing content they can relate to.

Here are a few ways you can make your content meaningful:

  • List the benefits of individual products and services in detail
  • Publish alternative versions that are shorter for people who don’t want to read a lot in the first go
  • As a service provider (for instance, in my case, a content writer) explain in detail how businesses can improve their bottom lines by working with you
  • Constantly share your expertise and experience
  • Publish your content in multiple formats so that your target audience can easily find you
  • Publish content that helps people arrive at a decision
  • Create a comprehensive FAQs section
  • Maintain a business blog
  • Curate highly useful content from other sources from the Internet


Amrit Hallan