Difference between copywriting and content writing

I’m often asked what’s the difference between copywriting and content writing. So here’s my take on both the topics:


In the context of the Internet, copywriting (or copy writing) is mostly termed as online copywriting and that means copywriting for websites. Copywriting is a term derived from advertising. It basically means writing promotional literature whether it’s an advertisement, a sales copy, or a website’s home page prompting people to buy something.

As I mentioned, it’s promotional literature and it contains lots of action words such “do”, “buy”, “contact”, “earn”, “get well”, “hire us”, etc. Copywriting highlights the benefits of a product or a service in order to sell it. Copywriting is highly interactive; it directly talks to the reader and it involves lots of emotions (buying, most of the times, is an emotional action).

Content writing

Content writing means writing to inform, educate or interact. Although you can write content to sell products and services, content writing doesn’t always involve promotional literature. Some pages on a website might be promotional, and some might exist just for the purpose of educating the visitors.

Blogging can be termed as content writing. You are constantly generating blog content to establish your authority and spread awareness regarding your subject. If you provide insurance, then, whereas the main page, and a few other pages may try to sell various insurance policies, there will be scores of pages that will be there to explain various insurance-related things to the visitors. Content writing generates such page.

Conclusion regarding copywriting and content writing

Many people tend to mix copywriting and content writing, and I too don’t differentiate much on my website, but if you really dig deeper, copywriting is a speciality and not everybody can pursue this vocation. It requires special talent. You need to have a knack for marketing and advertising. Content can be written by anybody who can write well.

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