Difference between normal content writer and SEO content writer

Many webmasters these days look out for SEO content writers in order to improve their search engine rankings. It has been well-established that your website requires high-quality SEO content in order to enjoy better search engine rankings. You can have an exceptionally talented writer working for you but unless he or she knows how to make your content interact with search engines they don’t have any value for your business as far as such marketing goes.

What makes a normal content writer different from SEO content writer

There might be a big difference, and there might not be any difference; it all depends on how your content writer perceives his or her ways of expression. Personally I believe every professional and good content writer is by default an SEO content writer. As a content writer

  • I focus on using the right words
  • I aim to target one topic on one page/blog post
  • My page titles always tally with the main text of the page
  • I try to make my content as engaging and useful as possible

All the 4 points mentioned above ensure sufficient search engine optimization. Although you might find extremely low quality web pages coming up higher on search engine result pages they are flukes and except for generating accidental traffic for the website they don’t achieve much. Have you ever done business with a website whose content doesn’t make sense although on the search engines it appears among the top five results? I don’t think so.

This makes me an SEO content writer that can really make an impact.

A normal content writer on the other hand either doesn’t make much effort to create search engine friendly content or even if he or she does, he or she is not fully aware of how to incorporate keywords without making your content spammy and consequently inviting ranking penalties. Do you know that excessive use of keywords can actually lower your rankings rather than improving them? This happens with overzealous content writers.

Creating balance between SEO content writing and effective content writing

What is effective content writing? It has to be successful on 2 fronts:

  • Improving your conversion rate
  • Increasing your overall traffic

Your overall traffic might come from search engines as well as other sources like external links and social media and social networking websites. If your content is useful people would obviously like to share it from their individual social media profiles. Other webmasters and bloggers would like to link to it to add value to their own websites and blogs.

But effective content writing doesn’t just mean increasing your traffic. In addition to that it must also improve your overall conversion rate because if your conversion rate doesn’t improve no amount of traffic is going to help you. There are many websites that get 100-200 visitors per day but still do pretty good business and there are websites getting 100,000-200,000 visitors and still don’t see much business.

A normal content writer

  • Feels content with simply writing content for you
  • Writes good content but it doesn’t help your business much
  • Writes topical webpages and blog posts but they are not very engaging
  • The content written by a normal content writer, although good, doesn’t improve your search engine traffic much

An SEO content writer

  • Proactively works towards the betterment of your website through effective content writing
  • Writes content that improves your bottom line
  • Writes engaging content that encourages people to visit your website repeatedly
  • Writes and publishes search engine friendly content
  • Writes content that encourages people to share it using different platforms