Why is SEO Copywriting important?

Why is SEO Copywriting important? How can SEO copywriting improve your website’s ranking?

You can have a killer website design and you can employ the latest technologies to make your visitors say “wow!” but unless your web page copy is compelling enough, and unless it gets the right traffic to your website, the only business you do will be accumulating the “wows!”. No doubt, you must have a good-looking website (strangely, even lousy-looking websites do great business sometimes) but along with that you also need to speak smartly and convince your visitors to do business with you.

So how is SEO copywriting different from normal copywriting?

Before we have a deep insight into how SEO copywriting can improve your site’s ranking, let’s have a very brief explanation of exactly what is SEO copywriting. In simple words, SEO copywriting is presenting or writing search engine friendly content. SEO copywriting is all about placing your keywords at the right spots and amidst the right tags on your web page. The keywords should be relevant and should be able to connect, inform and convince the search engine spiders, AND the human readers.

Although the ranking procedure is quite complex and makes use of numerous parameters, one important factor is how your pages are spidered or crawled (sounds creepy, isn’t it?). Sprinkled with keywords, your web page text should be strategically used to convey to the search engine that your web page really contains information relevant to the keyword in focus.

So SEO copywriting is all about creating a content to ‘impress the search spiders’ and assist them. Keep in mind that search engine robots do not consider “websites” but consider the “web pages” of those websites.

But does SEO copywriting only cater to the search engines?

If SEO copywriting is all about getting ranked higher, then what about your visitors, the humans who will actually do business with you and give you money? Herein lies the real importance of SEO copywriting.

As an SEO copywriter always focus first on creating content useful for online users and not for gaining higher search engine rankings. SEO copywriting plays a vital role here. It helps your website not only ‘catch the eyes’ of the search robots but also get it ‘picked up’ by those spiders.

Don’t ever stuff your web page copy with your keywords and key phrases because it works, but doesn’t actually work. You may find many websites getting a good rank just because they have written nothing but a long concatenation of keywords as anchor texts, or in the header tags. These websites eventually get blocked because in the name of relevant content they provide nothing. Want to rank well? Want to convert leads into customers? Then you need SEO copywriting.

Here are the main points quickly revisited:

  • SEO copywriting helps your site to compatible in both ways i.e both from viewers and search engines point of view.
  • SEO copywriting helps your site by placing keywords at the right places in the web pages. As I mentioned earlier, the keywords should be relevant and should be able to connect, inform and convince the search engine spiders.
  • SEO copywriting helps your site maintain correct “optimal length”. Irrespective of your area of business, SEO copywriting helps your site attain the right and exact balance of getting relevant traffic to your website and converting that traffic into business.

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