My content writing rates

Please remember writing an article, or a blog post or a webpage copy doesn’t just involve typing. You have to think, you have to research, you have to visit other websites to see how people have worked on similar topics, you have to find information that you need to use and so on.

I charge an hourly rate of $35.

Previously I was charging different rates for different types of content writing assignments but then I realized (also after getting feedback from my clients) if I am focusing on different rates for different types of writings, I am not focusing much on the quality that must remain standard. My average rate for different types of writings was $65-$25 and this helped me arrive at $35/hour.

I am no longer offering article packages (something like, this much for 10 articles, and this much for 20 articles). This gives me and my clients unlimited flexibility. This way, you can hire me for just a single hour or you can hire me for 20 hours and then pay accordingly.

How long does it take me to complete a typical article?

Again, my focus is more on quality rather than managing to complete an article within a certain timeframe. Nonetheless, when you’re paying me, it is reassuring to know how much you will be getting for the money you are spending – fair enough.

In fact, most of the clients end up paying less with my new hourly rate. For the homepage I used to charge $65 whether I completed the page in one hour or 30 minutes. With the hourly rate, you pay for the time I’m spending on your work and nothing more. So if I can complete your homepage in 30 minutes, you are just paying me $17.50!

Anyway, how long does it take? On an average 30-40 minutes, depending on the effort involved.

Quality comes with effort and effort needs time. So keep that in mind before starting to worry about an article taking 70-80 minutes sometimes. Eventually, it evens out.

I use to log my time and invoice my clients (at least as of now) and while working I use their time ticker. It measures time in seconds and calculates invoicing in real-time. A big benefit is, the moment I click the stop button, it stops calculating and that is the amount of money that you have to pay.

But how do you make sure that I am going to charge you fairly and use the ticker in the right manner? Well, this question is hard to answer unless you are constantly standing behind me and monitoring the ticker yourself (this is also not humanly possible when people are working in your own office – you cannot monitor their activities all the time). You will just have to trust me on that.