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Why outsource to a freelance content writer

Outsourcing to freelance content writer is a serious business decision because it is going to have a long-lasting impact on your bottom line. Why outsource? Why not hire a full-time content writer you can constantly monitor?

This webpage is not about whether you should outsource to a freelance content writer or hire a full-time content writer for your business. This webpage is about why people take a decision in favor of the former rather than the latter?

It’s normally small and midsize businesses that outsource to a freelance content writer

It makes perfect sense. You want content for your business website, or your business blog but you don’t have a big budget, and you don’t even have a huge, well-defined content marketing strategy in place. You are just dabbling with this new medium that is fast catching up. The search engines constantly demand high-quality and fresh content. Content is constantly being shared on social media and social networking websites. People link to your website if you have valuable content. This is something that everybody knows, whether you are a small business, a midsize business or even a big business. Everybody knows content marketing is the present and future of overall marketing.

Nonetheless you are clueless. You have no idea what sort of content you want, why would people want to consume your content and which channels you want to use in order to distribute your content. You just want regular blog posts and articles on your business website and blog. This is a fair reason to outsource to a freelance content writer (I am going to use “he” for the sake of brevity). He charges you just for the work he delivers you. He does not occupy office space and does not consume your resources even when he’s not writing content. You don’t have to pay employment benefits. There is no legal tangle to get involved in in case you have to fire him. For that matter you don’t even have to see his face ever and still get quality content on a regular basis. You simply have to pay for the work he does and then get on with your life. This can be a win-win situation.

Another reason why you would outsource to a freelance content writer is that a freelance content writer is always more experienced than a full-time content writer if you think logically. Who would understand your business needs better? The person who manages his own freelance business, or who is merely drawing a salary by the end of every month? Who has more experience? Who is more worldlywise? Who knows more about the Internet? Definitely a person who provides content writing services to multiple clients.

One of the best reasons why you should outsource to a freelance content writer is that you can change your writer whenever you feel like without even giving it a second thought (of course your conscience will prick you in case you have fired him undeservedly). There is a cornucopia of excellent content writers all over the world (no, it doesn’t have to be a native English speaker) so why get stuck with what you have got locally? In the times of exceptional connectivity it doesn’t make sense to not to collaborate globally.

Of course every business has its own needs and you would outsource to a freelance content writer according to that need. But if you are a small or midsize business, it makes perfect sense whether you realize it in the beginning, or after having explored various options like, hiring somebody full-time.

How my content writing service can generate new leads for you

Why would you hire a content writing service? You need content for your website or blog to generate more leads, right? I mean, nobody wants content just because somebody is there to provide it to you. You need to solve a specific purpose, and for every business, that purpose is, generating more business through leads and direct sales.

My content writing service can help you increase your direct sales as well as generate new leads for your business. This page is specifically dedicated to the topic of how I can help you generate more leads.

What are leads?

In conventional advertising and marketing, leads are a list of people who have shown some interest in your business. Your sales rep probably called up a prospect and that prospect, instead of showing total disinterest, asked to be called again, or asked for more information. This is a person who is ready for more talks and carries a greater chance of becoming your paid customer or client. He or she is your lead.

Lead generation from your website

You can get new leads from your website in multiple manners:

  • A person comes to your website and subscribes to your regular updates by submitting his or her e-mail ID
  • A person visits your blog and subscribes to your RSS feed to get fresh content from you
  • A visitor uses your contact form and asks for more information
  • A visitor uses a phone number listed on your website to call you and show interest in your business
  • A visitor starts following you on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook

If you notice, all these actions are performed by the visitor himself or herself. What you have done is, give him or her a reason to visit your website and stick around. You are not misleading. You are just providing the information he or she needs to make up his or her mind. He or she is interested in keeping touch with you, or engage you with further dialogue. He or she is a lead from your website.

How my content writing service helps you get more leads

To bring people to your website you need quality content. These people will come from multiple sources including search engines, from your links appearing on other websites and blogs, and from social media and social networking websites. If you have been following my blog closely, you already know that to achieve all the above, you need fresh content on a regular basis. Let us quickly recap.

A major chunk of your visitors will be coming from search engines. The search engines are constantly looking for fresh, high-quality content. Since they are always looking for fresh, updated content, rankings go up and down accordingly. It’s like, you publish a great blog post and that blog post ranks quite high on Google. Then somebody else comes up with equally, or even greater blog post and then this blog post begins to rank higher compared to your link. The more people create new content, the lower your link begins to feature and eventually it moves to the second or the third page, where very few people go. In order to remain in the fray, you constantly need new content.

The more content you have, the more incoming links your website and blog acquire. This is because, the more subjects you cover in your niche, the more reasons people have to link to you.

Suppose I’m looking for a blog post covering the overwhelming impact of content writing on SEO. As a professional content writing service you may have content on many content writing topics, but not something specifically for this. But another website has covered this topic and I link to them. What happens? Despite being an excellent source for various content writing topics, you’ve lost a good link building opportunity.

The same goes for your social media and social networking profiles. I’m not saying you have to cover every possible social networking platform, but wherever you create your presence, you need to keep it buzzing with new content.

Basically, you need new, valuable content for every platform you decide to focus on, whether it’s your own website or blog, or anotherr website. It’s your content that brings people to your website, directly or indirectly, and encourages them to either contact you, or give you their contact details so that you can contact them later on. This can only be achieved by content that inspires trust. My content writing service can provide you such content.

Through strategic content creation I can help you instill confidence among your prospective customers and clients. My content writing service can help you increase targeted search engine traffic so that right people come to your website — people who really appreciate what you have to say.

In order to generate new leads your website requires content that makes both search engine as well as human visitors happy. But why hire a content writing service for that?

Aside from quality, the biggest challenge businesses face while implementing their content strategy is continuity. To an extent, at least in the beginning, you yourself can maintain a certain level of quality, but eventually other business responsibilities take precedence and your content marketing begins to get neglected.

This is where a dedicated content writing service can help you. The biggest advantage of working with me is that my entire content writing effort will be targeted towards your prospective customers and clients rather than simply rambling on in order to increase your content density. I love to interact with the written word and this is what people want. With a perfect blend of engagement, information and entertainment, I can keep your prospective customers and clients coming back to you and consequently, help you capture leads through different entry points to your website.