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SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting means writing compelling content for your readers. It also means writing content that satisfies the palate of the search engine crawlers. It definitely doesn’t mean stuffing your content with keywords nonsensically. This gets your web pages blacklisted.

Being an experienced content writer and copywriter I can create content around your important keywords and key phrases without compromising on the overall quality of your copy. Please remember that ultimately what matters is how many people convert (become your paying customers and clients) by reading your copy and if all you are bothered about is using your keywords everywhere around, even if it improves your search engine traffic, it doesn’t do you much good.

How my SEO copywriting services help your business

Almost every business on the Internet needs search engine traffic. Of course there are some websites that don’t depend on search engine traffic, but most do. So if you need qualified search engine traffic, you have to bother with SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting is not as cryptic as it sounds. It is normal copywriting, it’s just that when I’m preparing your copy I try to use your primary and secondary keywords at strategic places. How does that matter?

Suppose you run a computer repair service in LA. Now, there might be hundreds of thousands of such services all over the globe because everybody and his/her granny uses computers these days in one way or another. So if somebody simply looks for “computer repair service” it is not going to help much if most of the services that are being listed are in Beijing or Honolulu. You want a service that is based in LA. People search for “computer repair service in LA”, or “LA computer repair services”, and so on.

You need to keep people looking for computer repair services in LA in mind while creating your content. Unless you use these words, how can search engine algorithms rank you for computer repair services in LA?

This is just an example and to be frank it is quite easy and straightforward. There can be very difficult examples and sometimes there are big gaps between what YOU think people must be looking for and what ACTUALLY people are looking for. As your SEO copywriter I also help you find that out.

Copywriting, as you may already know, is a bit different from normal content writing. Both the terms often get mixed up but there is a slight difference. Copywriting comes from advertising and it may involve creating sales pitches and marketing oriented writing. Content is, well, almost everything that is visible on your website or on your blog, or in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus updates (in the form of text, videos and images).

So ideally SEO copywriting means that a copy is not only search engine friendly it also fetches you more business by convincing your visitors into becoming your paying customers and clients. Elsewhere on my website I have discussed how I achieve that.

What makes my SEO copywriting services better?

I understand copywriting from the in-side out. I know, this sounds very clichéd. Anyway, what I want to say is, copywriting is all about understanding the most compelling strengths of the product and service you are trying to write about, understanding the most compelling needs of the audience you are trying to write for, and then representing both through the writing. SEO copywriting involves doing the same, but using the words and search terms people use in order to look for your product or service on search engines.

And it helps if you are a prolific writer.

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Why SEO Copywriting?

Why SEO copywriting you may ponder. If all that the search engines are looking for is relevant, subject-centric content, why do you need SEO copywriting and why SEO copywriting is being offered as a separate service and not as normal online copywriting service? A big reason is the rampant competition on the Internet.

There are hundreds and thousands of websites vying for that coveted place on the first page of the search results and some of them have excellent copies. So why do some appear in top twenty or top ten results and the rest languish in lower rankings? SEO copywriting makes the whole difference.

How does SEO copywriting make the difference?

SEO copywriting not only involves writing great copy, it also involves writing your copy strategically. You need to use your tags correctly. You need to put the right keywords at the right places, and, even if some disagree, there is a keyword-to-text ratio that makes a crucial difference.

Then there are different tags to consider. With what tags should you use your keywords? How many times should you highlight/bold your keywords and key phrases? How to optimally use your anchor text (text that comes between and )? Who to make use of the list tags for SEO copywriting purposes? How you should organize your key phrases and scatter them in a manner that your text sounds perfectly normal to your human readers despite being written for the search engines?

SEO copywriting takes care of all these things. Along with the viewable text SEO copywriting also optimizes other on-page elements for the targeted search terms. These include the title, description and keywords tags, headings and alt attribute of the image tag. But the most important aspect of search engine optimization is your web page copy. It’s often been observed that even if the meta tags and other things are left untouched, and only better SEO copywriting is done, the web pages begin to rank higher on the search engine result pages.

Does SEO copywriting always get you high rankings?

Not always. SEO copywriting is not your ranking panacea because lots of factors are taken into consideration when the search engine algorithms evaluate your website. Your ranking also depends on how many websites are linking back to you, how you have organized and interlinked your overall content, how much content you have and what SEO practices your competitors are practicing, and even the age of your website. For good search engine rankings you have to pump in lots of effort and SEO copywriting is a major part of that effort. SEO copywriting is one of the steps you take towards search engine optimization that results in higher rankings. It gives you a sure footing. It is the beginning of the end.