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Writing persuasive website content

Persuasive website content means content that can convince people with its sense of truthfulness and trustworthiness. Writing such content requires a sense of sincerity. How do you write such content? How do you make people believe in you, put their trust in your hands and ultimately, do business with you?

Problem-solving is a big part of writing persuasive website content. When people come to your website – assuming that they come for the right reasons – they are primarily looking for solutions to their problems. Something is nagging them, whether it is related to their business or personal lives, and if you want their business, you want to assure them that you have the right solution to their problem.

This can be done with simple, to-the-point writing. Get straightaway to the core of the issue and tell them what you have got. Provide them accurate information and then trust their judgment. Don’t take their understanding for granted, but also don’t dumb down what they already know. If possible, write in the first person so they feel as if you are talking to them. You can use the question-and-answer method or you can be as descriptive as your central theme allows. What matters is, what impact you can make?

Writing persuasive website content to help your prospective customers and clients

The more helpful you are through your website content, the more eager they will be to do business with you. You should definitely use action words in your website copy, but they should be used where they are needed. You should avoid needlessly pushing people into doing something that they are unaware of, or don’t want to do right now. Make them aware, let them know what you have got without resorting to the hyperbole, and then let them decide. Show them that they are in control. Writing persuasive website content doesn’t mean selling combs to people who have no hair – you will be deemed smart by salespeople, but actually you will be no more than a crook.

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Why your business needs a long-term content strategy

Content strategy

Although people are fast realizing the overwhelming importance of content writing and content marketing, very few really understand their long-term and short-term implications.

I will be frank (I am quite frank so I happen to use this phrase a lot on my website), content marketing is a two-edged sword. It can bring you massive success, and it can leave you clueless. It all depends on how much you understand it and how much belief you are ready to put it.

Content marketing is not an action, it is a process. It is like building a platform from where you can promote your product or service (your business). Since it is a platform, a successful content strategy may not directly seem to bring you more business but it creates an engaging environment that brings your target customers and clients closer to you and makes you more recognizable and amiable to them. Content in its truest form is constant communication.

How is it better from conventional advertising?

In conventional advertising you are invariably talking to your audience. In content marketing you are engaging your audience in a two-way communication. If you don’t get this difference, may be at this juncture content marketing is not a viable solution for you. If you do understand, please read on.

We all know what a strategy is: You want to reach from point A to point B and you know exactly what all needs to be done in order to achieve that. In business, without strategy there is no success. The same goes with content marketing; you need to have a well-defined strategy. But why a long-term content strategy? Again, because it is an ongoing process. It is not an action. Content marketing is a platform that you sustain in order to constantly promote your business from it.

Why you need to focus on content?

The Internet itself is content-driven. What is there on the web if not content? What is there on social networking and social media websites if not content? What do you find on search engines? Content, of course.

The greatest thing about the Internet is it has turned all of us into entrepreneurial publishers. You no longer have to rely upon magazines, newspapers and electronic media to broadcast your messages, whether they are political, social or commercial.

All you need is a platform. For easy understanding, think in terms of television. Every television channel broadcasts content in the form of news, documentaries, comedy serials, sports broadcasts, kids programs and family dramas. In between they show advertisements and sponsored programs. If you remember, whenever a new television channel is launched, for a few months, or even for a few years, there are no advertisements. As the channel is able to build up an audience and increase its TRP ratings, it begins to get advertisements from various businesses. So conventional television builds a platform and then charges other businesses for using the platform to promote themselves.

Understandably, sustaining a television channel and generating content for it can be forbiddingly expensive. Fortunately, since more and more audience is moving over to the Internet, and since publishing and broadcasting content on the Internet is a lot easier than by conventional channels, having your own platform to promote your own business is just a matter of executing your content strategy. Mom and pop businesses are doing it. Big enterprises like IBM and Coca-Cola are doing it. Everybody can do it.

Coming back to having your own long-term content strategy

Long-term content strategy means building and sustaining the platform. It has to be a steady mix of promotional as well as informative content. Millions of webpages and blog posts containing text, video and images are generated every hour on the Internet. No matter how exclusive and rare your field of business is, on the Internet you are going to find competitors. These competitors are constantly trying to promote their products and services. Having a long-term content strategy is always going to give you an advantage.

Again, long-term content strategy doesn’t mean driving yourself breathless and bankrupt while trying to produce scores of web pages and blog posts every day. Strategy involves consistency, quality, observation, analysis, engagement, and accordingly, realignment. It is something that you build gradually. Strategy involves understanding the problems of your target audience, generating content to solve these problems and then broadcasting the generated content through channels your target audience prefers. For instance if your audience prefers to read blogs then publish your content on your blog. If your audience prefers videos then you should try to upload a couple of videos every month on YouTube. If images tickle the motivation of your audience, then perhaps you can use Instagram or Pinterest. The whole point of having a strategy is providing the needed content through preferred channels.

Is having a long-term content strategy expensive

In the beginning I talked about content marketing being a two-edged sword in the sense that, if you know what you should do and eventually what you want to achieve, it can be a gold mine. But if you cluelessly go on publishing web pages and blog posts simply to increase their numbers you’re wasting money as well as effort (if you have hired a content writer). Of course it is an ongoing business expense just like any other expense. Simply because you find content all over the Internet it doesn’t mean it should be freely or at the most cheaply available. High-quality content, content marketing and adherence to a clearly-defined content strategy involves expense. But the returns are massive and this justifies the expense. At the risk of indulging in exaggeration, won’t it make you happy if your business grows 100-200% in just a single year if you can execute a well thought of content strategy?

I’m sure you have more questions. So do contact me and I will give you all the information you need in order to fully transform your business through a high-impact content marketing strategy.

Marketing Copywriting

Marketing copywriting can be different from the normal, conversion-oriented content writing, and it can be the same thing — it all depends on how you view promotional content publishing.

Marketing copywriting helps you sell more, whether it is your product, your opinion or your ideas. Personally I don’t see a stark difference between writing content convincingly and creating a marketing copy: eventually you are making people do something by your words.

Nonetheless, the fundamental difference is that content writing helps you establish your brand and build a platform for you, and with marketing copywriting you actually make sales. You can build platform to engage people and to get them to your website or blog, but once they are there, it is your copy that induces them to buy your gadget or hire you as a professional.

Where you can use marketing copywriting?

  • Your website homepage
  • Product or services description page
  • Landing page being promoted by PPC advertising
  • Marketing collateral such as brochures, flyers and mailers
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Advertising

Looking for a marketing copywriter for your business?

I wouldn’t like to sound boastful, but I have an advantage, being a content writer and a content strategist, over other copywriters. Since I already know why people are coming to your website, it is easier for me to offer them what they are looking for. You see, copywriting doesn’t just mean creating a sales pitch. It means empathizing with your visitors and understanding their need. In order to convince them into doing business with you, you have to make them understand that you understand them and you can solve their problem.

I don’t use hyperboles. I don’t believe in misleading your customers and clients through my writing. But I believe that if you have something unique to offer, you should be able to put forth your ideas with conviction. This is where I can help you. Give me information, give me raw data, and I will convert both into a high-performance communication platform.

Content Writing Services For Websites

Whether from search engines, or social media and social networking websites, or directly, your prospective customers and clients come to your website not just looking for the right information, but the information that can convince them. Credible content writing services can give you an edge your website has always needed: written words that become your evangelists.

Your website needs content that can make an impact. You make an impact by being trustworthy and reliable and on the Internet only your content can help you achieve that. It is the ultimate communication tool that transforms vague interest into favorable action and visitors into customers and clients. No beating around the bush – engaging and relevant content that educates and informs your prospects, empowers them, and ultimately, converts them. Conversion is the ultimate goal of your website content.

Writing content for your visitors

As an experienced content writer (again, I am Amrit) I know that the true value of your content lies in its performance. Big words don’t matter. Esoteric expressions don’t count much. SEO content that fetches you “tons of traffic” holds no meaning. What matters is how many people actually do business with you. When I’m writing content for you, I write it keeping that in mind. I don’t aim to impress you. I want to make your visitors, your readers, trust you. So I write in their language. I constantly keep their aspirations and expectations in mind while creating content for your website.

Writing content for SEO

As I have already mentioned above, I am more concerned about improving your conversion rate rather than anything else. Having said that, I know search engine traffic matters and I also know that your rankings depend on your content. I don’t do keyword stuffing. I definitely incorporate your primary and secondary keywords but it is done in such a manner that they become a natural part of your overall content – and that is what search engines are looking for.

Content writing services for your every need

You can hire me for the following content writing requirements:

  • Business webpages (homepage, services, company profile, about us, product descriptions, terms and services, etc.)
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Article marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Marketing collateral (brochures, flyers, etc.)
  • Case studies and white papers
  • Service and product documentation

Business realms, professions and industries I have so far provided content writing services for

  • Web design and development
  • Internet marketing and SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • E-commerce websites
  • Enterprise level solutions such as CRM and ERP
  • Web hosting companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Cloud-based services
  • Information technology
  • Computer and PC maintenance
  • Alternative energy companies and blogs
  • Hotels and hospitality industry
  • Real estate agencies
  • Legal firms and attorneys
  • Investigative and surveillance agencies
  • Event management companies
  • Hospital and medical equipment

These are but a few categories I can recall. Since I have been providing professional content writing services for websites since 2004, I have practically written for every major business and industry.

Do I have a specialty? Well, yes and no. Since I have been writing content for such a long time I can easily write on different topics, but if you really want to know my specialty, I have extensively written for web design and development companies, email marketing, software development, social media marketing, Internet marketing and SEO. So you can say that I am more comfortable writing for these fields. But again, as you can see the list above, my writing abilities are not restricted to IT-related businesses.

Want to know more? Then use my contact form and send me a message and I will promptly get back to you with all the information you need.