Why publish a newsletter

Ok, I know this topic has been beaten into pulp, but all the same, its importance hasn’t diminished. In fact, whereas content-intensive web sites are hitting at the shores of oblivion, webmasters are utilizing newsletters more and more to generate business, retain hesitant customers, and bring people back to the web site.

Doing serious business on the Internet means having to deal with hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of eager surfers. And most of the surfers are impatient – aware of the fact that for one product, there are thousands of sellers with thousands of variations and options. Generally, they are in a hurry to do something, or, to go to some other site. But while they are on your site, you can make them agree to receive some kind of periodic email to provide them with useful information about your product and related topics that can benefit them.

And this is where the power of communication lies. Once they are ready to give their email address to you, it means somewhere, they are interested in dealing with you, they are not wary of hearing from you.

We generally get attached to people with whom we interact. Those people get imprinted in our subconscious, and if those people are likable, gain our respect and trust, we like doing business with them.

So what precisely does an online newsletter do?

  • It keeps thousands of people informed about you and your product/service.
  • It builds their trust in you.
  • It makes them interact with you, on a regular basis.
  • It creates a positive image of yours, and your company/product/service.
  • It establishes a one-one rapport between you and your prospective customers/clients.
  • You become a recognized name amongst thousands of individuals.
  • If people like what’s published in your newsletter, 95% of them would prefer to buy from you whenever they need to.
  • Whenever you want to spread some information about your product/service, you can send it to thousands of people who have opted-in to hear from you, without being branded as a spammer.
  • Since humans consciously and sub-consciously behave within the laws of group dynamics, they prefer belonging to a certain thought. So if you succeed in creating a dedicated segment, they’ll be eating out of your hands, literally.

Once an individual has received your newsletter for a couple of months without a break, and goes through it in some manner without unsubscribing, you’ve got yourself an eager reader, and a prospective client/customer.

Who all can publish?

Anybody. Any kind of business you desiderate to promote, you can do it through your online newsletter. So whether you sell holiday items, or whether you sell books, music CDs, garments, accessories, food, you can use your newsletter as a powerful marketing tool. For example, if you supply packaged eating items, you can start a newsletter on cookery where the subscribers can share their recipes with each other. If you sell books, you can start an interactive newsletter for readers and new writers where they can share literary thoughts.

The possibilities are limitless, and it’s beyond the scope of this article to list them all here.